About us

what’s Luxxeen?

Luxxeen Productions Inc. is a Canadian manufacturer of a wide range of luxury and green disposable products, from local and imported materials including:

Our Commitments and Duties

Our products has developed cost-effective, high quality, innovative wipe and tissue products. That is to say, we have the experience and capacity to meet customers’ needs. Our main priorities remain customer service and quality. Luxxeen Productions Inc. is assigned to the main core of the business which is developing our own brand baby wipe, wet wipe and facial tissue products, for instance.

about Luxxeen

Luxxeen Products Inc provides a service second to none in the form of private label manufacturing. Our production line facilities are strictly inspected and validated by many major Canadian retailers and brands so we have achieved validation to manufacture private label products for many of these for distribution throughout the Canada. Luxxeen’s company is keen to work with you to develop bespoke private label solutions for your baby wipe, wet wipe and facial tissue requirements

Be up to date

We are constantly monitoring the market place and looking for ways to improve our product offering, whether it means modernising the packaging or developing our formulations to meet new customer demands. Most importantly, by choosing Luxxeen you can be sure that you are supporting Canadian jobs. as a result, you are helping the Canadian economy.

Our Vision:

To be a continuously growing world-class paper making company we shall;
  • Harness growth potential and sustain profitable growth.
  • Deliver High Quality and Cost competitive products and be the first choice of customers.
  • Create an inspiring work environment to release the creative energy of our experts.
  • Achieve excellence in enterprise management.
  • Be a respected corporate citizen, ensure clean and green environment and develop vibrant communities around us.

Our Mission:

Our mission at Luxxeen Production is to persistently improve on offerings. Specialists provide high quality products that merge excellence with high value pricing. Subsequently, establishing a flourishing association with our customers.

We at Luxxeen pride ourselves on excellence and have a passion for what we do. Anyone who works at Luxxeen makes sure everything she/he do honours that connection, from our commitment to the highest quality paper in the world, to the way we engage with our customers and communities to do business responsibly.

Customers are at the centre of everything we do – and that is reflected in our company’s vision and values.
While our vision defines our destination, our core values serve as our road map, guiding our actions for the benefit of all of Luxxeen’s associates.

Production Gallery

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