Luxxeen production is manufacturing tissue paper, facial tissue boxes, toilet rolls kitchen towels, and other cellulose products. under its well known brands Luxxeen.

In the consumer channels, Luxxeen production is present in major Canadian markets with the Luxxeen® brand, thanks to its wide range of  facial tissue boxes, toilet paper, multi-purpose absorbent paper, paper napkins, and tissue paper.

The range of innovative products, featuring an excellent quality/quantity-price ratio, together with a targeted communication activity, has allowed for continuous customer loyalty with considerable results.

Facial Tissues

At Luxxeen production , we strive to provide our customers with disposable paper products that are convenient and hygienic. To this end, we manufacture a range of facial tissues for everyday use.

Our Luxxeen 2-ply facial tissues are ideal for everyday use. These tissues are strong, soft and absorbent and are gentle on the delicate skin around noses. Luxxeen Facial Tissues are available in packs of 125 in either plastic packaging or boxes. Our facial tissues are hygienic and disposable and help prevent the spread of germs.

Luxxeen Econo Tissue’s range is supplied to the away-from-home market, including fast-food restaurants. Our serviettes are plain white and are available as 1- or 2-ply variants. Our tissues are made from high quality wood pulp which ensures that our serviettes are always super-absorbent. Our clients can buy boxes of 126 ,200 or 300 sheets.


Toilet Paper

Luxxeen supplies a wide range of toilet paper products for your convenience. From virgin toilet tissue to recycled toilet paper, Luxxeen strives to provide our customers with the widest range of toilet paper for commercial and domestic use.

Our Luxxeen range of virgin toilet paper is made from only the best wood pulp taken from sustainable forests. This means that our tissue product provides softness and comfort to the whole family. Luxxeen is available in 1-ply and 2-ply varieties and is available wrapped and unwrapped for your convenience.

Since paper is one of the easiest things to recycle, Luxxeen production has produced our range of recycled toilet tissue. We are committed to keeping unnecessary paper out of our country’s already full landfills.


Hand Towels

Luxxeen production stocks a wide range of paper hand towels. All of our hand towels are only available in 1-ply varieties.

These super-absorbent 1-ply hand towels are ideal for use in industrial kitchens where there is little space available for larger paper hand towel dispensers.These hand towels are suitable for a variety of work environments and the centre feed makes them easy to use and change. These hand towels are suitable for high consumption areas such as washrooms and bathrooms.

The real hand towel is economical, since is dispenses one sheet at a time. These towels are suitable for use in real towel dispensers. The 1-ply hand towels are made of high quality wood pulp and are suitable for high traffic areas such as public toilets in shopping centres or airports.